Spicy Chicken dip

This dip is amazing, my friend Corianne has been making it for awhile & she happily gave me the recipe.  This recipe is originally from another friend’s mom! [Thanks to Ashley’s Harpel’s mom, Mama Nevares!]

This dip is perfect for a Fall afternoon and even better when hosting some friends for Football Sunday!

First, you boil chicken breasts…neither Sean or I have ever boiled a chicken breast and so we thought this was interesting…

We seasoned the thawed chicken and boiled it with half an onion.  It was definitely a different process but the chicken tasted fine! [I”m weird about cooking chicken, it just can’t have that weird chicken smell or I can’t eat it!]

Once the chicken was fully cooked, we took it out and shredded it very finely.

We pulled out our crock pot and mixed in the following ingredients:

  • 1 bottle of buttermilk ranch
  • half a bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce [the original not the BBQ chicken one]

[[ We also didn’t add the entire bottle because I’m not a HUGE spicy food fan, so we wanted to add as we went, if desired.  You can always add more but ya can’t take it out! That is our motto :)]]

  • 1 8oz package of lowfat cream cheese
  • sharp cheddar cheese [[and we added medium cheddar cheese too]]
  • chopped/diced celery

We added this all together and the chicken as well and heated until super warm and melted.  We served it with sliced baguette bread & these veggies; celery sticks, peppers, zucchini & carrots.  I even had a side of ranch dip just in case it was too hot for some.

It was delicious and easy to make.  Although not the healthiest of snacks it hit the spot and it was just the right amount of spice for our liking.  I’d probably use regular ranch [not a fan of light ranch flavor] & low-fat cheese next time to see if I could make it healthier.

Perfect Football appetizer that we will be having again soon!!

Happy first day of October.


Mrs. Loftus


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