Salsa Chicken

This is a very easy recipe that I created in college.  It is practically all I would cook.

  • Thawed out chicken breasts [use per person in the family, or 1 per adult and 1 per 2 kids]
  • salsa- I use picante when I’m in a rush- fresh is always yummy too!
  • any kind of cheese in the refrigerator

I start by poking fork holes throughout the chicken on each side- I even cut a few slits in it- this is so that the salsa soaks into the chicken for flavor.  I pour in salsa underneath and on top of the chicken.  I let it marinate in the refrigeration for about an hour.

I set the oven  at 365 to start.   & when it is read to go, I put the chicken in for 20 minutes.


I check it at 20 minutes and then add about 20 more minutes on.

When the total of 40 minutes is up, I add whatever cheese I have in the fridge on top- a cheddar or mozzarella works best.  I let this melt & then pull the chicken from the oven once the cheese is all melted.

While I’m waiting for the chicken to cook, I mix up a Zatarans Red Beans & Rice [I know, cheating BUT it was Monday & I’m so tired from the kitten being up all night! :)] & I also prepare a simple salad; spinach, tomatoes & zucchini.

Once the chicken has sat for about 5 minutes to set, I serve it up. [I quite possibly used a little too much cheese this time, but that’s ok :)]


It’s a quick meal & quite delicious if I do say so myself!

Happy Tuesday!!


Mrs. Loftus


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