REVAMPED stuffed shells recipe

I revamped this Stuffed Shells Recipe

& when I went back to read it over the only real things I changed about it were the following:

  • I used bigger broccoli’s and their stems and didn’t cut them so “finely”.  This added a slight crunch to the mixture and it was good!
  • I used more spinach!
  • I added a red pepper chicken sausage [I cooked 4 of them first and then cut them up to add to the ricotta mixture]
  • I added more salt and pepper
  • I added a PINCH of garlic
  • I used low fat ricotta instead of the fatty stuff
  • I did NOT use parmesean cheese- instead I used about 1/4 of shredded mozzarella cheese.
  • I put less cheese [this time I used mozzarella again] sprinkled on top of the red sauce which was on top of the stuffed shells]


These were the changes I made to the original recipe.  I also put the red sauce down on the bottom of the pan before I stuffed the shells and set the shells in the pan- this helped the shells to sit and not roll over onto one another.

Sean loved these so much more than the last ones & so did I!

Delish and to me it is healthier because of the amount of veggies we used and the cutting out of the excess cheese and using a different kind of ricotta.



Mrs. Loftus


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