CLEAN eating: Tilapia Fish Tacos

Sean and I have started CLEAN EATING.  It’s not a fad. Not a diet.  It’s basically just eating clean!  No pre packaged anything.  Cooking it all!

We started Sunday after our trip to costco and getting only whole foods.

Last night I made an amazing CLEAN fish taco recipe!

We used cumin powder, chili powder as a rub on tilapia & then cooked it in a frying pan with light EVO.

Next I shredded a fresh cucumber, carrots & cut up cabbage.

When the fish was cooked, Sean took it and tore it up a bit so it was “bite size”

We made a sauce out of plain greek yogurt, chili powder, cumin powder and a little garlic powder & lime juice- all to taste.  [Sorry, no measurements]

Sean ate his in a tortilla and I ate mine ala salad style!

We did black beans on the side with a little feta.


My taste buds were going crazy & it was all CLEAN food.  Nothing from a box and nothing fattening.

& better yet it was EASY!

🙂 Happy Tuesday! 


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