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1 month of marriage anniversary dinner :)

I’m finally able to take a moment and post about the delicious dinner I made on Tuesday.  Tuesday marked our one month of marriage- wow, time sure does fly by- and it’s been nothing but wonderful!!

I decided to try cooking in the crock pot [my first time!].

My good friend Corianne, [she’s an amazing writer and fabulous recipe finder, she’s also prego with her first little one! Check her out here——> Band Of Burtons ] suggested I try this mac & cheese recipe she had recently made and as we both have an affinity for cheese, she knew I wouldn’t resist this recipe!

You can find the original recipe here at this blog::: Crock Pot Mac & Cheese 

Corianne suggested that I add some cayenne pepper, extra salt & Parmesan cheese.  I did just that [I also added a bit more cheese, because let’s face it- I.LOVE.CHEESE!]

This dish cooked on low in about 2.5 hours- I mixed it as I went.  It was a very delicious first crock pot recipe!


For the main course I decided to revamp my Dijon Chicken recipe which can be found here:: Dijon Chicken

The things that I changed were: I added mozzarella to the top and sliced almonds.  These little changes added so much to the chicken.  The almond crunch was a nice change to the breaded I usually put on and  next time I’d probably keep the Parmesan rather than use mozzarella.


I also put together cheese croissants and a veggie salad- peppers, tomatoes, almonds, spinach and lettuce.


All in all the dinner was perfect-o! Everything turned out delicious and everything was a hit.  It’s been an amazing month of marriage and I’m so blessed with so many wonderful people and opportunities in my life!

Have a fabulous Thursday!


Mrs. Loftus



Dijon Chicken

Tonight I’m doing something easy- SO easy….

Dijon Chicken for my entree and Broccoli & Rice for our sides

The Dijon Chicken::: The How To:

[[Thaw out chicken if it is frozen-  Once it is thawed, poke holes into it, all over, both sides.]]

1. Spread Dijon Mustard all over each side.

2 & 3. Add Bread Crumbs and Parmesan [if you want, this is an extra I’m putting on our Chicken tonight, never done it before.]

Bake at 365′ for 45 minutes [sometimes this varies depending on the thickness of the chicken.  I check the chicken half way through & then at 30 min, 35 min, 40 min, etc. just to make sure it’s still juicy & not getting over cooked.]

4. Take out and let sit for five minutes before serving.

[The picture above shows step 1-4.]

While the chicken is cooking I’m prepping the broccoli- in a pan of 1/4 water and steaming it- adding a little oil, and my favorite seasoning “Salad Elegance”.  I also started the rice too!

& viola!  Delicious chicken meal for my new hubby & me!  

Sean isn’t feeling so well and so he loved coming home to this classic, basic, yet delicious meal.  

 Stay tuned for the next meal 🙂