Salsa Chicken

This is a very easy recipe that I created in college.  It is practically all I would cook.

  • Thawed out chicken breasts [use per person in the family, or 1 per adult and 1 per 2 kids]
  • salsa- I use picante when I’m in a rush- fresh is always yummy too!
  • any kind of cheese in the refrigerator

I start by poking fork holes throughout the chicken on each side- I even cut a few slits in it- this is so that the salsa soaks into the chicken for flavor.  I pour in salsa underneath and on top of the chicken.  I let it marinate in the refrigeration for about an hour.

I set the oven  at 365 to start.   & when it is read to go, I put the chicken in for 20 minutes.


I check it at 20 minutes and then add about 20 more minutes on.

When the total of 40 minutes is up, I add whatever cheese I have in the fridge on top- a cheddar or mozzarella works best.  I let this melt & then pull the chicken from the oven once the cheese is all melted.

While I’m waiting for the chicken to cook, I mix up a Zatarans Red Beans & Rice [I know, cheating BUT it was Monday & I’m so tired from the kitten being up all night! :)] & I also prepare a simple salad; spinach, tomatoes & zucchini.

Once the chicken has sat for about 5 minutes to set, I serve it up. [I quite possibly used a little too much cheese this time, but that’s ok :)]


It’s a quick meal & quite delicious if I do say so myself!

Happy Tuesday!!


Mrs. Loftus


Spicy Chicken dip

This dip is amazing, my friend Corianne has been making it for awhile & she happily gave me the recipe.  This recipe is originally from another friend’s mom! [Thanks to Ashley’s Harpel’s mom, Mama Nevares!]

This dip is perfect for a Fall afternoon and even better when hosting some friends for Football Sunday!

First, you boil chicken breasts…neither Sean or I have ever boiled a chicken breast and so we thought this was interesting…

We seasoned the thawed chicken and boiled it with half an onion.  It was definitely a different process but the chicken tasted fine! [I”m weird about cooking chicken, it just can’t have that weird chicken smell or I can’t eat it!]

Once the chicken was fully cooked, we took it out and shredded it very finely.

We pulled out our crock pot and mixed in the following ingredients:

  • 1 bottle of buttermilk ranch
  • half a bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce [the original not the BBQ chicken one]

[[ We also didn’t add the entire bottle because I’m not a HUGE spicy food fan, so we wanted to add as we went, if desired.  You can always add more but ya can’t take it out! That is our motto :)]]

  • 1 8oz package of lowfat cream cheese
  • sharp cheddar cheese [[and we added medium cheddar cheese too]]
  • chopped/diced celery

We added this all together and the chicken as well and heated until super warm and melted.  We served it with sliced baguette bread & these veggies; celery sticks, peppers, zucchini & carrots.  I even had a side of ranch dip just in case it was too hot for some.

It was delicious and easy to make.  Although not the healthiest of snacks it hit the spot and it was just the right amount of spice for our liking.  I’d probably use regular ranch [not a fan of light ranch flavor] & low-fat cheese next time to see if I could make it healthier.

Perfect Football appetizer that we will be having again soon!!

Happy first day of October.


Mrs. Loftus

1 month of marriage anniversary dinner :)

I’m finally able to take a moment and post about the delicious dinner I made on Tuesday.  Tuesday marked our one month of marriage- wow, time sure does fly by- and it’s been nothing but wonderful!!

I decided to try cooking in the crock pot [my first time!].

My good friend Corianne, [she’s an amazing writer and fabulous recipe finder, she’s also prego with her first little one! Check her out here——> Band Of Burtons ] suggested I try this mac & cheese recipe she had recently made and as we both have an affinity for cheese, she knew I wouldn’t resist this recipe!

You can find the original recipe here at this blog::: Crock Pot Mac & Cheese 

Corianne suggested that I add some cayenne pepper, extra salt & Parmesan cheese.  I did just that [I also added a bit more cheese, because let’s face it- I.LOVE.CHEESE!]

This dish cooked on low in about 2.5 hours- I mixed it as I went.  It was a very delicious first crock pot recipe!


For the main course I decided to revamp my Dijon Chicken recipe which can be found here:: Dijon Chicken

The things that I changed were: I added mozzarella to the top and sliced almonds.  These little changes added so much to the chicken.  The almond crunch was a nice change to the breaded I usually put on and  next time I’d probably keep the Parmesan rather than use mozzarella.


I also put together cheese croissants and a veggie salad- peppers, tomatoes, almonds, spinach and lettuce.


All in all the dinner was perfect-o! Everything turned out delicious and everything was a hit.  It’s been an amazing month of marriage and I’m so blessed with so many wonderful people and opportunities in my life!

Have a fabulous Thursday!


Mrs. Loftus


Saturday night, date night :)

Saturday night we opted to go out for a date night & to celebrate my husband placing 4th in the nation in the Audi Twin Cup Challenge.  [I’m a very, proud wife!]

We went to Stanley & Seaforts [our spot :)]

Although I clearly didn’t cook our meal, I want to share what we had & I think everyone should go here if they ever have the opportunity- not only because the food is delicious but the view is amazing.

For our starter we had the Oven Roasted Crab & Artichoke dip- this time around it was amazing- perfect flavor & little bread crumbs on top for a crunch.  Delicious!

Sean and I both had soups as well, he had a salmon bisque and I had the lobster bisque- TO DIE FOR! Creamy, hearty and rich.  I would def. go back here just for this soup!

For our entree’s: Sean had halibut cheeks, which were surprisingly good & I had stuffed Sole, which sadly I didn’t favor, but Sean loved it.  Each Entree was set with asparagus and mashed potatoes.

We had a wonderful night out celebrating!!

Tomorrow is Monday night football and we will be in Bellevue with friends, watching the Seahawks WIN! 😉

So be on the lookout Tuesday for my 1 month anniversary dinner!  I’m using a recipe a friend gave me along with re-vamping my dijon chicken!


New kitten made for an “order in” kind of night

Yesterday we adopted a sweet kitten and named her Dinah Louise Loftus.  She is the cutest thing and we love her so much.  Well, that meant no dinner last night- so Pizza it was! & sometimes you just have to do that, and it is O.K.!

Sean has been working late on a Stasis Engineering project at work and has been so tired- that after going to get a few more things for Dinah, we just had to order in.

Meet our darling little girl below 🙂


Dijon Chicken

Tonight I’m doing something easy- SO easy….

Dijon Chicken for my entree and Broccoli & Rice for our sides

The Dijon Chicken::: The How To:

[[Thaw out chicken if it is frozen-  Once it is thawed, poke holes into it, all over, both sides.]]

1. Spread Dijon Mustard all over each side.

2 & 3. Add Bread Crumbs and Parmesan [if you want, this is an extra I’m putting on our Chicken tonight, never done it before.]

Bake at 365′ for 45 minutes [sometimes this varies depending on the thickness of the chicken.  I check the chicken half way through & then at 30 min, 35 min, 40 min, etc. just to make sure it’s still juicy & not getting over cooked.]

4. Take out and let sit for five minutes before serving.

[The picture above shows step 1-4.]

While the chicken is cooking I’m prepping the broccoli- in a pan of 1/4 water and steaming it- adding a little oil, and my favorite seasoning “Salad Elegance”.  I also started the rice too!

& viola!  Delicious chicken meal for my new hubby & me!  

Sean isn’t feeling so well and so he loved coming home to this classic, basic, yet delicious meal.  

 Stay tuned for the next meal 🙂

Hello world!

Welcome to Mrs. Loftus Cooks!  I recently got married to the love of my life and high school sweetheart!  What a whirlwind romance we have had- & now I’m his Mrs…which means I must learn to cook.  So, I decided to document the journey of my simple and fun recipes!

I admit, you may know some of these recipes, or already have variations of your own…or, heck, you may have given this to me to try as a new wife & I want to document it all- the ups and downs of running our kitchen- of making it fun, exciting and delicious!

I hope you enjoy my little thoughts, ideas, mistakes and triumphs in the world of cooking, with me.

Love, Mrs. Loftus

Learning & creating new recipes. Revamping old ones- & mixing it up- All while being a Newlywed!